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Kevin A. Reynolds

Tales of Japan - Past, Present & Future

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Hello there, and thanks for visiting my author page.


A little about myself. I was born just south of London, England, and have lived in Tokyo for over 30 years, where I write novels focused on Japan past, present and future.


Both my first novel, ‘Mamoribito - The One Who Protects,’ and my second novel, ‘The Girl Who Fell Through Time,’ started as screenplays, but I feel that it is as 小説* that the full tales can be best told.

*小説 - [しょうせつ]

shousetsu = novel, short story

Although I cover different genres, there is a core theme that lies at the heart of my work, along the lines of “There are more things in heaven and earth….”, with some obvious, some subtle and some hidden linkages across the stories.


I also play guitar, though not particularly well. 

Other works:

See here for my business books. 




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